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RSS feed submission is the process of submitting RSS feeds to RSS submission directory sites in order to improve your search engine position. RSS stands for Rich Site Summary and, in some cases, Really Simple Syndication.

The RSS feed contains updates to your website, such as new content, videos, photographs, links, and so on. Users that are interested in these updates can subscribe to your RSS feed, which increases your site’s organic traffic and backlinks. As a result, if a person sees your blog or page and wishes to be notified when it is updated on your site, an RSS feed is an excellent choice.

RSS feeds can be a blog, article, news headline, audio, or video, and are distributed to a variety of receivers in the form of web feed formats, which contain a summarised text. A feed or a web feed is another name for an RSS document. The similar article is submitted to numerous article directories for publication in this off-page SEO method.

RSS feed is an XML file containing URLs that link to your website’s content. It is presented to users in the form of a summary text. You can subscribe to an RSS feed by entering the feed’s URL into the feed reader and providing the necessary information. As a result, this information is supplied and updated automatically, and you are not required to add your pages manually. Receiving reports and news updates on a mobile phone while doing anything else, for example.

Benefits of RSS feed submission:

  • The new content or information reaches the interested users fast. It aids in the retention of your readers and boosts the trustworthiness of your website.
  • The article would also attract new readers who are looking for updates on your topic.
  • You can include your core keywords or phrases in RSS feeds to help your site’s rating.
  • By uploading RSS feeds, you can increase the popularity of your website by consistently offering fresh and relevant material.
  • All of these advantages are directly related to high-quality backlinks and website traffic.
  • The content is automatically delivered to subscribers. You do not need to manually submit articles to article directories in this case.
  • It enables online visitors to receive automated updates when new content is submitted.

Now you are aware of what is RSS Feed submission, and what are their benefits for your site. 

How to Upload an RSS Feed?

Here are the simple procedures for publishing your RSS Feed on the internet.

  1. First, determine which RSS Feed version you will use for your site. We recommend that you use the most recent version available.
  2. Make your RSS Feed as a text file with the extension.xml or.pdf. Put this file on your website’s server.
  3. It would be best if you validated your RSS Feed before publishing it. Check out the following chapter on RSS Feed Validation.
  4. Make a link to the RSS Feed file on your website. For the link that says RSS Feed or XML Feed, you will utilize a little yellow button.
  5. Now that your RSS Feed is live, anyone can start using it. However, there are techniques to market your RSS Feed so that more people can utilize it.

Promote Your RSS Feed:

Add your RSS Feed to the RSS Feed Directories. There are numerous online directories where you can register your Feed. Some of them are given below:

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