Top Free .Org Directory submission sites list of 2023-24

.Org Directory Submission Sites List.

First and foremost, directory submission is an OFF PAGE SEO TECHNIQUE for generating high-quality backlinks. It is a simple backlink creation technique for candidates with a basic SEO understanding. The main reason to submit a website to a directory is to get one-way links to your site from other high-ranking websites. As a business listing, Directory Submission is well-known. It’s because, when conducting Directory Submission, you must provide business information such as name, address, business type/category, number, website URL, and so on. The oldest examples of web directories were DMOZ and Yahoo. Directory Submission is the best and easiest technique to develop quality backlinks, but many people started spamming it, and Google became harsh about Directory Submission backlink creation as a result.

What Are the Different Types of Directory Submission?

Directory submissions are classified into three types.

Paid or Featured Web Listing: The owner of the directory page charges a registration fee in this instance, and the link is approved immediately or within 24 hours. Backlinks are obtained in this manner as a result of this form of delivery. Some websites sell this package on an annual or lifetime basis.

Free or Paid Web Listing: Submissions to free directories are free. There is no charge for either free or regular streaming. However, there is no assurance that the administrator will accept the Website. It’s also time.

Reciprocal Regular Web Listing: When activating the link to the directory, the mutual link must be supplied to the site. Only the directory administrator may then approve the link.

Advantages of Directory Submission:

Search engine listings: Your Website is listed once you submit it to a directory.

Faster Indexing: Submitting your Website to these directories will allow search engines to find and crawl your Website more quickly.

Affordability: Directory submission is one of the most cost-effective search engine optimization tactics you can apply because many directories offer free listing opportunities for websites.

One-way link: Search engines prioritized one-way links above reciprocal links.

Better Rankings: The Website will appear higher in search results on Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, AOL, and other popular search engines worldwide. Additional advantages include high-quality directory traffic, brand development, increased customer numbers, social media sharing, and efficient keyword targeting.

How to Submit a Directory for SEO?

Here are some straightforward techniques for submitting your site to numerous blog directories and obtaining backlinks.

Step 1: Some preliminary work

Before submitting your site to directories, here are a few simple activities to help with easy submission without much effort.

Make a notepad file and save the following inside it.

  • URL of your Website.
  • Address and contact information.
  • A summary of your Website.

Step 2: Next, locate several fantastic and extensive directory lists. Always remember to choose a directory site with a high DA while making your selection.

Step 3: Select Submit / Submit Website / Submit Your Website / Add Website from the menu.

Step 4: You can select both options there. Paid Listing vs Free Listing

Step 5: Finally, fill up the form with your Website and business information.

Step 6: You will then receive an email confirming your final submission.

Here are some High Traffic .org websites for submitting free directories. It will help you generate a lot of traffic to your website.

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