85+ Image Submission Sites List Free (High DA PA) For 2023-2024

Latest High Pr Image Submission Sites ListWe often hear the word ‘content is king’, but what if your website has more images than content? They definitely add more value to the website as a whole and, therefore, have a lot of website owners who focus on high-quality images that can entice users. To optimize your website, you need to look at how you can use different elements on the site and turn them into opportunities that can improve site rank and provide greater online visibility.

What is Image submission?

Image submission entails posting your site’s image on other websites to engage with people, which aids in the creation of quality backlinks and the generation of referral traffic to your website.

Image submission is an SEO technique that offers you with a place to publish or upload your digital photo. An image-sharing website is a service that allows you to upload, manage, and host photographs publicly or privately.

Images work better than comparable Text. Images have a substantial impact on users and are the most effective approach to inform people about your brand and business on the Internet.

Why is it necessary to submit an image?

Image upload or sharing is essential for “Image SEO” for search engines to crawl and index any website’s photos.

Image SEO is employed since images are not crawled or indexed by search engines because crawlers cannot understand images unless they have alt tag optimization for any image.

A good image entry must include the following elements:

1. Correct Image Selection

The image you chose for submission must be original and not reproduced from elsewhere, nor it should include a watermark, or the image sharing services will not accept it.

2. Use the Correct Image File Format

When it comes to effective search engine optimization results, the picture file format is vital. JPEG, GIF, and PNG are the most prevalent image file formats used in image submission.

3. Image Optimization

Image optimization must be done effectively to avoid compromising image quality and possibly reducing image size. It significantly reduces the time it takes for a photograph to load on a website.

4. Alternative Text

It has been shown that we frequently overlook alternative TextText, which negatively impacts SEO results in the long run. Try to add a decent replacement text that corresponds to the image.

5. Image Description

The picture description is very significant because it assists you in defining the image. Proper picture description is required for SEO to function correctly.

However, if an image is very fantastic, it can also be posted to infographic sites.

The following are the advantages of Image Submission:

  • Image Submission Sites aid in the acquisition of high-quality backlinks for your website.
  • It will also benefit you in increasing traffic to your website.
  • Increase your business exposure by using these image-sharing sites.
  • Images are essential in content marketing.
  • Increase the domain authority of your website.
  • Image sharing could assist you in attracting people to your website.
  • Excellent methods for gaining backlinks.

How Does Anyone Submit an Image?

  1. Find high DA PA picture-sharing sites that offer backlinks.
  2. Register on those image submission websites with your Username, Email Id, and so on.
  3. Now you must activate your account.
  4. Upload your image, along with the URL and title of your website.
  5. Submit the form by clicking the Submit button. After that, by submitting your image, you will receive a URL.
  6. Account registration is necessary for image upload or sharing on sites that require it.


I’m confident that adopting this image Submission SEO approach will help your company reach a relevant and focused audience. You can also submit your photographs to the top image submission sites in India, of which we have provided a list below.

Not only that, but image submission/sharing sites provide excellent high-quality backlinks.

Keep the guidelines as mentioned above in mind while sharing an image on a regular basis to increase your audience and backlinks.

Explore the top free High DA PA Image Submission Sites listed below and begin uploading your images.

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