Top 100+ Latest Directory submission sites lists of 2023-24

Latest Directory Submission Sites Lists.

Directory Submission is the process of submitting your website URL to numerous online directories (websites) with the goal of improving business growth through backlinks. This is an off-page SEO approach for generating external links for your website. It is important for web bloggers to adhere to directory submission requirements when submitting a directory submission website URL.

Types of Directory Submissions:

The following are the three categories of directory submissions:

Paid Web Listing: Also known as Featured Web Listing. You will be charged a fee for this sort of submission, and your link will be approved within a day or two after you pay the fee. This plan is available annually or for all time, and it will help you obtain backlinks.

Free Web Listing: often referred to as Regular Web Listing, is complimentary for Directory Submission, as no one charges for free or regular submission. However, there is no assurance that the Administrator will accept the website. This also takes time.

Reciprocal Regular Web Listing: With this form of web listing, a reciprocal link to your website is sent when the Directory link is activated, and it is only possible for the Directory admin to authorize the link.

Benefits of Directory Submission:

1. Aids in the development of high-quality links

There are numerous websites on the internet that offer high-quality backlinks. These high-quality backlinks will aid in increasing your domain authority.

2. Improve your Google ranking by submitting your website to directories.

Building backlinks on websites for directory submissions raise your domain authority and page authority, which improves the likelihood that Google will rank your material.

3. Website Indexing in Record Time

As a result of your website being submitted to directory submission websites, your URL is indexed more quickly than your main URL.

4. Increased traffic from the Directory Submission Website

Users of that website for directory submissions may also be interested in visiting the website that is linked to it.

How to do directory submission step by step?

  1. The first step is to select one of the best directory submission sites from the list. Choose the location where you wish to publish your blog or website.
  2. Then choose the category that best fits the blog that you believe best fits the category.
  3. Once you’ve decided, choose the relevant category and then the send link to send your blog. For example, I visited a blog.
  4. After clicking, you can narrow down the section where you wish to submit your blog. So I went with a blog first, followed by technology. You can see it in the attached screenshot.
  5. In the section, the final step is to click Add Item. To complete the transmission, enter the URL, title, and description.


If you have blog directories, they will assist you in becoming discovered online.

To obtain a backlink, you must publish to blog directories. For SEO purposes, becoming listed in a few good directories will be incredibly advantageous.

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